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Roots & Tendrils Book Review

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

As I read through Heidi Dellaire's new book, Roots & Tendrils, I found myself smiling, relating to her experiences and reflecting on my own journey. Each heartfelt word is a testament to her personal journey through heartbreak to her arrival at finding the true love of her life... the love, respect and compassion for herself!

For anyone currently going through past or present relationship trauma, I highly recommend this book.

Roots & Tendrils is not an obvious self-help book. Written as poetry, you might assume that it would be filled with unnecessary frills and pretension, but how wrong you would be! The detail and intimacy in Heidi's poetry touched my heart in a way that would not have been possible if it had been written in any other form. If you have ever been through the heartache of relationship break-ups, you cannot fail to be inspired by her journey and draw courage to help you along your own path towards healing.

As her words weave their way into your soul, you can almost feel the broken fragments of her heart and how she uses that hurt to grow new perspectives and to develop a greater sense of self. This is a deeply moving, intimate, honest and often raw reflection on relationships, where you relate to her hurt and isolation but become inspired by her triumphs and celebrate them with her.

Roots & Tendrils is a truly inspirational book and a rare glimpse into someone else's heart.

Watch my interview with Heidi Dellaire about relationships, healing and her new book, Roots & Tendrils.

Released on March 22 2019 and available to order below:


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