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Steve Wentworth

Steve Wentworth is a writer, broadcaster, speaker and mentor. His podcast, 'The 'S' Word with Steve Wentworth', explores spirituality, life, love and healthy living. The 'S' Word is available to listen to on all major platforms including, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.


Steve's work has featured across the web and published in magazines and books including Shining Mentors Magazine and Tim Pinsonneault's 'What Would You Say?' He has appeared on international radio, as well as television appearances on Sky, ITV, America Out Loud's Dr Stem Show and as a regular featured commentator on UK Talk Radio.


His work and life story have been written about in international and UK press, including several features in one of the UK's most popular spiritual magazines, ‘Chat it’s Fate’ and South Africa's, Aneis de Vida. 


He attracts an international client base, working with individuals and groups primarily based in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific. As well as working with people from all walks of life, he continues to assist a host of high profile clients including performing artists, TV and radio personalities, published authors, multi-national CEOs and global business leaders with bespoke guidance and intuitive advice.

Steve provides a range of workshops in the UK. His course, 'Connect With Your Angels ~ The Angel Guidance Program' in available on Udemy to enable a wider range of people to access his teachings. With more courses currently being adapted and written for online audiences, as well as books being published in the near future, this is an exciting time.

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