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7 Signs an Angel is Near

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

It was late afternoon in midsummer and I was with a client discussing her recovery from a serious illness. Her illness had come at a terrible time for her. She had endured a bitter divorce and been isolated from her family and felt desperately alone throughout her entire ordeal. But during her illness she felt as though someone was watching her. She hadn’t seen anything in particular, she just felt as though someone else was in the room with her, and to her surprise, she kept finding feathers by her bedside while she was in hospital. She found this strange as the windows in her air conditioned room were sealed shut and the pillows were filled with fibre, not feathers.

Just as I was about to suggest some other rational explanations, I saw a spark fly past me and move towards the corner of the room. I glanced over to where the spark had rested and saw a magnificent being beginning to materialise before my eyes. The being began to slowly unfold its wings from in front of its body, but this was not the cute kind of Angel you see in Hollywood movies or television. This Angel was glorious, powerful and tall; approximately seven to eight feet tall! It radiated a magnificent purple/blue iridescence, like the surface of a bubble and hovered slightly off the ground. I could not make out the face or whether what I was seeing was male or female, but my expression obviously looked a picture.

My client, sat in front of me asked if I was alright, but my eyes were transfixed on the being materialising in front of my eyes. I asked her if she could see something in the room with us. She replied that she could not. But I knew this was a message for her and I knew this was an answer to why she felt as if someone was watching over her. We were in the presence of an Angel.

So instead of providing her with a rational explanation that I expected for the feathers she had found by her bedside, I gave her a completely different message. Her Angel had appeared to me to give my client a message. Not only was she being watched over while she was battling her illness, but she was STILL being watched over and even though she had felt so terribly lonely and abandoned by her family, she had never really been alone for a single moment. Through her darkest times, her Angel had never left her side. She was not alone and never would be through her entire lifetime. The feathers by her bedside were a sign that she was being cared for and watched over.

Ever since that day, I have been a firm believer in Angels. But why are they here? Well, I believe that Angels are a sign of hope and inspiration. They aren’t here to sort out the mess humanity has caused, it’s our mess so why should they fix it for us! But they are here to inspire us and offer help wherever possible. Their power lies in how they inspire us to become better people. They give us something better to aspire to be and hope that we can become more than we are.

Feathers aren’t the only way that Angels show us they are with us. The can make their presence known in many, many ways. If you haven't played the video at the top of the page, please take a moment to do so and discover some other ways in which Angels can let us know they are with you. 

So if you see a sign that your Angel is near, make sure you say a little thank you for their guidance, wisdom and blessings.

If you would like to learn more about angels, you can watch 3 free lectures from my angel guidance program, 'Connect With Your Angels', sign up for my newsletter.

Angel feather
Have you seen the signs?


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