Life Readings

Life readings are used to assist in finding clarity with life events as well as uncovering potential future paths and opportunities. You do not need to believe in anything or be a 'spiritual person' to use life readings, but open-mindedness, or a belief in being a part of something greater than ourselves, is important.


It is important not to confuse life readings with fortune telling or mediumistic readings (connecting with the deceased). Life readings are an opportunity to receive a far deeper guide to your life path that will empower you with valuable tools and set you on a constructive path for your future, providing hope, vision and a practical plan for you to move forward, releasing and understanding any subconscious fears or unhelpful beliefs.

Life readings should always be approached with an open mind as this allows Steve to give you what you need to know, rather than what you want to hear. This provides valuable opportunities to find comfort and healing, as well as unique perspectives that will help you to formulate new approaches and an alternative path forward.


Steve has a warm, non-judgemental and relaxed character, with a practical, solution-focused approach. So no matter what your reason for contacting him, you'll soon find yourself comfortable and at ease. 

How it works

Every life reading is as unique as you are. No two life readings are the same and neither you or Steve know how it will progress until your session is over.


Steve uses his intuition to perceive current issues or past trauma that are affecting your life and preventing you from moving forward. The first part of your session involves Steve establishing a connection to you, intuitively analysing your timeline through the peaks and troughs that life has created, as well as getting a sense of the things that are important to you. Usually, the issues that you need to resolve become apparent very quickly and Steve can then begin to work with you, helping you to become unstuck and move beyond your current state of mind.

Helping you to become 'unstuck' is the key factor in all life readings with Steve. The desired outcome for your session with Steve is to help you to make sense of situations and map out a path to a new and brighter future.

Your initial session is usually enough to help you begin to overcome a problem you are having difficulty in resolving. However, should you require follow-up sessions to assist with new issues, bounce ideas off or speak with somebody who is unbiased and impartial, you are welcome to book again. Steve encourages independent thinking and individual empowerment, but understands that it can be useful to speak with someone who is unconnected to your life events. 

Steve has assisted many men and women from all walks of life. You can be assured that every life reading is guaranteed to be completely confidential. Therefore, no recordings or information are ever made or stored. For your own peace of mind, legal, mutually binding non-disclosure agreements are available for a small additional fee.

How to book

*If you have been personally recommended to book with Steve by a friend, family member or associate, contact him using the booking form below stating that you have been recommended.

All life readings are conducted using audio only (no webcams or video) as this allows for a better environment without any distractions or unintentional external influences.


Sessions can be conducted by telephone (UK only), Skype, WhatsApp and many other services, excluding FaceTime.

Please ensure that during your appointment, you are in a quiet area where you are unlikely to be disturbed with minimal background noise.

Each session is up to 50 minutes and costs £70 (British Pound), $90 (US Dollar) or €80 (Euro). All appointments are considered provisional until payment is received. Bookings will only be considered confirmed upon receipt of payment. For further terms and conditions, please see here.

To arrange a convenient time, use the booking form below and then make a payment to confirm your appointment with Steve.

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